It's been one month and a half that we moved to Trondheim, Norway! I can't even believe time goes by so fast! As I promised a while ago, here go some snapshots of our new place! 
We've been very lucky to find a really charming attic right in the heart of Trondheim, just behind these old houses built along the Nidelva river that are called The Wharves. This part of the city is called Bakklandet and I fell in love with it instantly! Bakklandet's wooden houses were first build in the 17th century and today this neighborhood is still full of inspiring life and color!

We have been enjoying good weather the last two weeks and if I have something clear about Norwegians is that they really know how to enjoy a sunny day. If there's sun, everybody goes outside and have fun, the streets, parks and cafes are full of people! Not only that, they also have a very special connection with nature, which I totally understand seeing their beautiful forests, lakes and fjords! 

I still can't say I am completely adapted and I am working hard to find a routine that works for me. We have been really busy, between our trips to IKEA, cleaning, painting and buying the endless essential stuff, that I haven't unpacked my sewing machine yet! I feel terrible about it but at least I've had some time to work on a new quilt pattern that will be available very soon!

Let me just finish with the picture above! It was taken two weeks ago at 23 pm (when we were still renting a room in another part of the city to a really great couple), and two days ago I went to bed at 2.30 am (I know too late!) and it wasn't dark at all! It's mind blowing! First time in my life I experience something like this and really... it isn't easy going to bed when there's still sun outside! 

Let's see if this week I finally find a place for my sewing machine (no table for it yet!) and I start doing some stitching! Don't worry I am not switching to a travel blog, the thing is that sometimes I cannot resist sharing beautiful things (apart from sewing) with you! 

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  1. OMG Ingrid! És precioooooooooos!!!!! Tinc mil ganes de venir a veure-us! Molts petons!!

  2. It looks beautiful. Hope you get to sew soon.