Hello there! I'm a step closer to get the curtains of our apartment done. I've always had a terrible fear of making curtains! I really don't know why...does anyone here have the same fear? I've always seen my mom and mom in law making lots and lots of curtains and I always though, okay, I don't have to worry about curtains...they will help me out! But as I happen to be far from home, I didn't have a choice...I had their advice, though! Plus, I found a lot of white fabric on sale at IKEA.

I love white curtains, they look so clean!

I decided to start with the bathroom. I wanted to make the easiest and simplest curtain ever. As you see above, it isn't very fancy, but I think it's exactly what our bathroom needed. I plan to make more complicated curtains for the other rooms, but for now, I have to admit that it's been so fun to make this one, I am happy I did it this way. Now my fear is gone and I can plan the next ones.

So, if you are good at making curtains, the following won't be interesting at all! But I feel I need to explain how I did it, because there's so many people out there without curtains! (I spent 4 years while I was studying in an apartment without curtains...and I never bought or sewed ones, I know it's sad!). You just need to know how to sew a hem to make these easy curtains! (If you don't know how to sew a hem, don't worry! Find it below too!)

Let's get started!

1. First of all, you need to measure your window (height and width) and decide whether you want one or two panels (I made two panels because of our type of window). As a general rule you need to double the width of your window when making curtains. So, as I wanted two panels, both of them needed to have the same width as the window. For the height, just add 5 Inch to the height of the window. Remember to remove the selvage of your fabric!

2. To make the lateral hems, just fold 1/2" over and then fold 1/2" over again. Iron and pin in place. I didn't use pins and it worked fine, but this is up to you! Stitch the hems.

3. Repeat the same to make the top and bottom hems. Slow a bit the sewing speed when approaching to the corners, it may be a little bulky.

4. Finally, fold over again the top of your curtain (2") and stitch! TA-DA! Ready to hang!

It couldn't be easy, right?

I'm glad I tried, there's no reason to be afraid of making curtains! Well...at least for now! Hopefully next week I'll be sharing another type!

Have a great weekend!!



Hey! How is your Sunday going? Our weekend has been really quiet around here, we have been resting, cooking, eating...obviously :) and enjoying the good weather.

Yesterday we went on a quick trip to IKEA in an attempt to pick up an outdoor table and a couple of chairs for our balcony, but unfortunately the model we wanted was out of stock...but, I found some interesting goodies to take with me home! :). I found the fabrics above on sale, I paid about 20$ for ALL (In Norway the yard of fabric costs more than 20$...I know, it's a lot!), I was happy to find big pieces of white fabric which will become curtains very soon... (I'm terrified, if never done curtains before!)

This fun cook book also came with us home! I love books, and I love cook books even more, so I couldn't resist! Plus...it will be a good exercise to practice Norwegian! Tomorrow I'm trying the first one :)

Let me introduce our first little cacti...because a home without a cacti isn't a home...(A friend just told me this is Aloe Vera which apparently isn't a cacti haha! Now I need to find a cacti, otherwise this isn't a home anymore xd) 

I've also spent some time envisioning a BIG PROJECT...but...more on that tomorrow...now someone is waiting me to watch a movie :)




I took this picture last year, we spent our 4th of July in Huntington Beach, California. I wish I could repeat today the same way but I am a bit far this year! At least, I think I will make a cake and have a drink! From Norway, I wish to all of you who are celebrating, a great 4th of July!! Have fun and take care!



Hi! Today I just pop in to show you a sneak peek of our weekend trip to the Lofoten islands in Norway. I am already editing the pictures to make an album and it's kind of impossible not to share this beauty with you...even the views from the train (from Trondheim to Bødo) were already spectacular...I could close my eyes and open them again and suddenly see a waterfall, a lake or a forest! After eleven hours of train we took a ferry from Bødo to Moskenes and there we were, in a paradise just above the polar circle!

We had a wonderful time there and I can't wait to repeat this trip in winter, do you imagine all this completely white? It has to be spectacular!

PS. We slept one night at the Friisgården Lodge & Restaurant and I really want to recommend it to anyone who plans to visit the islands and is looking for a place to stay and feel like home. It's an old wooden house, very charming and run by a very nice couple. They also cook delicious local food and the house is located near an amazing turquoise water beach. 

OK, now back to work! 

I hope you are having a great week!