Hello! It's been a quite crafty weekend over here! We have been mostly at home and I finally started cutting the beautiful denim and chambray fabrics you see above! I received them as a gift just before leaving California and I've been contemplating them since! They are so special for me that I wasn't able to cut them! But finally I am making a lap quilt and I think it's gonna be my favorite quilt of all times! I've already finished the top and hopefully I will quilt it next week! Looking forward to show it to you!

As you see I'm not the only crafty one here...:) Albert has a cool project going on too! A cork map to throw darts! He has already painted it white (the continents aren't painted) and it just requires some final touches!

We have been also painting the smallest room in our apartment...it still needs the second round, though. This room is going to be the Sewing Lab studio...hurrah!!:) It still needs a lot of work and we are taking it slowly! Meanwhile, I'm happily working in the living room!

Our red balcony has been our favorite spot to relax (thanks good weather!) and specially since I made on Friday these chair cushion covers! It's a quite comfy space now! :) Find the tutorial here.

Oh! and these past days we have seen the "night" again! I can't explain how well it feels to see the sunset  again once your day is almost over...beautiful colors!

OK, now let's get ready...Monday is here! Still a long way til the weekend!


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  1. Seems like you had busy weekend with the clothes and spent the weekend to its fuller. Thank you for sharing the post with us