How is the first spring weekend going? Here in California we haven't noticed big changes but I guess it feels good anyway! We have been enjoying the sun as much as we can these days (you will understand why very soon...big news coming!). In an attempt to bring some spring at home I bought these extremely cheap daffodils. They came totally closed and on Saturday morning when I woke up I found one of them already opened and some of the others where on its way, aren't they beautiful? It totally made my day!

Since Friday you can find the pattern for my Hedgehog baby quilt on my Etsy shop! It's the first time I write a pattern for a quilt and it's taken my so long to finish it! I always get lost in the details when I work on things like this! But finally I am happy to say it's already available! I've enjoyed a lot working on it, specially because I've drawn all the illustrations you will see in the pattern! It's so rewarding to spend time doing what makes one happy :).

The pattern comes with an additional pattern for making the matching stuffed fabric hedgehog I made when I finished the quilt, with templates and detailed step by step instructions!

It's a really fun and fast project to make! You can either find the pattern and listing details on my Etsy shop or on Craftsy!

Hope you like it!


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  1. Nice design, good to see that designers are focusing on kids and this quilt pattern is really good. Thank you for sahring it with us and keep posting more such posts