Truth is that I had never been interested in sewing before. In fact, I used to spend my time in other kind of laboratories. I never imagined myself threading the needle and starting to sew! It won’t be because of my mom, who is a master in this subject and tried to teach me in countless occasions. I still recall she bought me a little thimble when I was a child and also she tried to teach me how to use the sewing machine…but nothing! I guess in those moments I had other things to do!

Everything changed last summer, when my mother and I had the idea of creating necklaces made of fabric which I hope to have the opportunity of showing here. I had a lot of fun designing new models, choosing fabrics, and yes I enjoyed sewing for first time in my life!

*Update: You can see my fabric necklaces here!

Since then I started to notice all the sewing magazines we had at home, there was a lot of them and many were about quilting. I found the world of quilts amazing but also I thought I wasn't able to make one. Anything or almost anything is impossible in this life, so in less than three months I finished my first quilt! Everybody who knew me well was kind of shocked about it!

Now quilting is part of my life and I can’t wait to finish a project to start another one. I am always thinking about the fabrics and patterns of my next quilts! I really recommend this hobby to all who haven’t tried yet; it may be surprising how creative you could be.

My aim in this blog is to share with you all my projects, designs, patterns, tutorials and more! I invite those who already know a lot about quilting, those who are beginners like me and even those who haven’t tried yet to follow it! Hope you enjoy it and please if you have any suggestions, questions or comments I am pleased to hear from you! :)

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