- Printer and paper
- Cardboard
- Scissors
- Pencil or special fabric pen
Fabrics! (Fabric selection is totally up to you! you can use Halloween fabrics or whatever you want, oranges, blacks and whites, neutrals, etc. Just experiment! Remember to decide fabrics for the liner and for the pumpkin trunk. 
- Pins
- Sewing machine, cotton thread, needle
- Screwdriver
- Quilting batting 
- non allergenic toy stuffing (a lot!)
- Interlining

Let's start! First print and trim the templates. Use cardboard to make more resistant templates.
Template A&C
Template B

Pumpkin candy case:

   Use template A to cut 9 pieces of different fabrics. 

Place piece 1 and piece 2 with right sides together and sew one of the laterals. Always sew leaving 1/4'' seam allowance. 
Then, sew piece 3 to the other lateral of piece 2 also placing both pieces with right sides together. Repeat this process until the 9 pieces are sewn together. Finally close the ring sewing the free laterals of piece 9 and piece 1. The outer fabric ring is done!
For the liner (inner fabric ring) use again template A to cut 9 pieces of the same fabric (I have chosen a solid orange fabric). Repeat the steps explained above until have completely sewn the lining ring.

 Once we have both fabric rings prepared, it’s time to sew them together. Flip the outer ring and place it inside the lining ring. Right sides of the fabric must be together!
  Pin the fabric rings over the top and sew all the circumference leaving ¼’’ seam allowance. 
Before flipping the rings make small cuts on the top of all pieces as shown on the picture above. Be aware not to cut the seam!
Flip and get the rings with right sides facing up as in the picture above. Then place the inner ring inside the outer ring.  

The next step is to create 9 individual compartments, one for each pair of fabric pieces. Match the seams of the two rings the best you can and pin or baste the two layers. 
 Then, sew together the two rings through the seams that join all the pieces. Don’t forget to back stitch!

 Fill each compartment with toy stuffing. (It requires a lot of stuffing because we want to get a puffy pumpkin!). Introduce it  through the bottom aperture and help yourself with a screwdriver. 
I love this step!
Once filled it’s time to make the outer base of the case. Use template B to cut a piece of quilting batting and a piece of fabric (Leave ½’’ extra to the fabric piece before cutting).  

 Place the batting circle on the wrong side of the fabric piece and fold the excess fabric to the batting
 Baste and place the base on the bottom of the pumpkin case as shown in the picture above in order to close the aperture. 
Sew by hand the outer base to the pumpkin case.
 To make the inner base of the case take again the template B, cut a piece of interlining and 2 pieces of fabric (add ½’’ extra to the fabric pieces before cutting). 
 Take also a bigger piece of quilting batting and make a 4 layer sandwich following this order: on the bottom place the quilting batting, then the 2 pieces of fabric with right sides facing together and finally on the top place the interlining piece.
 Sew together all the layers around the interlining piece leaving an aperture enough big to flip.

 Once sewn, trim the excess fabric and batting, flip the base and close the aperture.

  Fit the inner base inside the pumpkin case.  
         Pumpkin lid:

Use template C to cut 9 pieces of different fabrics. Sew the pieces together to form an outer ring as explained for the pumpkin base.
 Use template C to cut 9 pieces of the same fabric for the liner. Sew pieces together to form an inner ring.

Flip the outer ring and place it inside the inner ring. Fabric right sides together! 
Sew together the 2 rings around the bottom.
 Flip and place the inner ring inside the outer ring.

 Create individual compartments sewing together the 2 rings through the seams that join all the pieces.
 Fill of stuffing each compartment through the top apertures.
 Cut a fabric rectangle, fold and sew to create a fabric tube closed at one end.
 Flip the fabric tube and fill of stuffing.

 Flip the lid and place the pumpkin truck through the top aperture. Pin and sew in order to attach both pieces. 
 Cut the excess of the trunk and flip the lid.

Finally your Pumpkin candy case is done and ready for Halloween!! Enjoy it!

If you make your own pumpkin candy case let me know! I will be happy to show pictures in my blog! :)
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