We are back from vacation! Our second trip in Norway started like the first, on the train enjoying amazing views. We met our friends from the US in Oslo and took together the train to Bergen. I was super excited to see them again! Knowing that we were doing this trip together made less painful leaving the US and moving to Norway three months ago!

Bergen is such a great place, perhaps too rainy but still a great place! during the two days we spent in Bergen, we walked around its many beautiful streets, had some food at the fish market and took a tram up to a hill where we saw the views of all the city and the fjord. Afterwards, we decided to walk down to the city and actually, this last part was the one I think we enjoyed the most because we discovered the prettiest forest ever!

This forest was very special, so green, wet and mossy! We loved it!

Our last stop in Bergen was in the Fantoft Stave, a truly spectacular church! Our visit lasted less than five minutes because of the heavy rain. They had to close the church and asked us to leave, so we had to literally run to the car and of course, we ended up having a really cold shower! It was fun, though! :)

We spent our last days in the Stavanger region, driving, taking ferries, hiking and camping. Our five hour hike up to the Preikestolen was really beautiful (also scary) and I wish I had better pictures of the Lysefjord because the ones I have don't do it justice!

It was hard to say goodbye to our friends but I'm sure this won't be our last trip together!

Albert and I got home on Sunday afternoon and we've been trying to have a normal week after the holidays without much success! We both need the weekend so much! Today I've been working on my Little Mouse baby quilt pattern that has been waiting too long to be finished...hopefully it will be done soon!

Hope you're having a great week!



  1. Oh wow! Gorgeous pictures Ingrid!! That forest looks so magical, you can almost see little fairies and gnomes living there!!

  2. yes you are right! You are back and back with a bang that is! Good job that I stumbled upon this early in the day! Starting it on a good note now.