Hello! Today it's a weird day for me, it's Monday but it feels more like a Friday...that's because we are leaving on vacation tonight!! I'm so excited this time! We'll be meeting some friends tomorrow in Oslo that have traveled from California and Utah. Can't wait to see them, it feels like an eternity that we left from the US...but it's only been 3 months!

We'll visit Oslo, Bergen & Stavanger (Norway) together and then they will visit Paris. I wish we could go to Paris too but our budged said enough! :)

So, as we are leaving today, we decided to stay at home this past weekend and just relax. But it turned out to be the neighborhood festivities! I really love living right in the center, this way we always know if something is happening, if we hear music or more people than normal, we just go downstairs and check it out. There were lots of people around, mainly locals but also lots of tourists. I still feel like a tourist most of the time though! (Perhaps it has to do because I always bring the camera?)

There was a nice little market just next to our house where you could find lots of handmade things, quilts, bags, clothes, antiques and tasty food! I fell in love with a mint wooden chest (sorry I didn't take pictures of it!) but finally I didn't buy it :( ...maybe another time (luckily I have the owner's card though!)

We even had a rowing race! The red team won!

Amazing weather, music everywhere and ice cream...what else can I ask for? ;) (Oh well, on Friday I had a panic attack when I realized, after checking in every grocery store, that there's no way to buy orxata here in Norway...or at least I haven't found it yet! Do you know what it is? It's a very popular beverage in Spain and also in Latin America I think. It's made of ground tiger nuts and it's sooo good! I haven't thought about it in a while until Albert said the word the other day...I guess these things happen when you live abroad!)

I haven't done much sewing this past weekend. I have a quilt top finished ready to be quilted (see above). There's so many special fabrics into this quilt and I really can't wait to see it completely done. You really can't tell the pattern from the picture but it's very simple and clean.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably already seen a sneak peek of a new baby quilt I am working on, I have already 6 stars done! This one is gonna be so sweet :)

Ok, we still need to prepare all we have to take with us today, make some quick dinner and head to the train station. I will be sharing some pics of our travel next Monday! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

PD: Lately I have the obsession of photographing the sky at all times from our roof windows. Here's how the sunset looked like yesterday, isn't it beautiful?



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  1. Wow that's really cool to know, having a Monday as a start of a holiday is the best feeling, I've had one too recently, anyway have fun