Hey! How is your Sunday going? Our weekend has been really quiet around here, we have been resting, cooking, eating...obviously :) and enjoying the good weather.

Yesterday we went on a quick trip to IKEA in an attempt to pick up an outdoor table and a couple of chairs for our balcony, but unfortunately the model we wanted was out of stock...but, I found some interesting goodies to take with me home! :). I found the fabrics above on sale, I paid about 20$ for ALL (In Norway the yard of fabric costs more than 20$...I know, it's a lot!), I was happy to find big pieces of white fabric which will become curtains very soon... (I'm terrified, if never done curtains before!)

This fun cook book also came with us home! I love books, and I love cook books even more, so I couldn't resist! Plus...it will be a good exercise to practice Norwegian! Tomorrow I'm trying the first one :)

Let me introduce our first little cacti...because a home without a cactus isn't a home...(A friend just told me this is Aloe Vera which apparently isn't a cactus haha! Now, I need to find a cactus, otherwise this isn't a home anymore xd) 

I've also spent some time envisioning a BIG PROJECT...but...more on that tomorrow...now someone is waiting me to watch a movie :)




  1. I JUST finished sewing curtains for my living/dining room with Ikea fabric last Friday! What a coincidence! If you want to talk about it before you start just email me. beso!

  2. Mai he trobat fabric a l'Ikea! A on l'amaguen? Que xulo el llibre de cuina ;) Una abra├žada!

    1. Hi ha tota una seccio de robes en mig de l'IKEA! Esta normalment molt a prop d'on hi ha les cortines! Pero a vegades a les oportunitats en pots trobar, sobretot els dijous! haha un peto!