Hello! How is your day going so far? :) Today I have a fun no sewing project to share with you! Do you like fabric tape? I have two friends that are crazy about it :)! I'm not as fan as they are, but still I like to have some on hand just in case I need to make a quick gift to someone or decorate something at home. Normally I just have 2 or 3 different types of it (if I am lucky...I had none today!) and what usually happens to me, is that I get bored very fast of the patterns I have, and then, they end up in my desk forever. That's why I'm not buying more fabric tape, at least for now, because I know what happens...

But hey! Then I came up with the idea that I could make my own fabric tape in small amounts! I have lots of different fabrics and this way I would never get bored of it, because it would be always new!

I tried it and it worked! It's really really easy and let me tell you...I think it works better than some commercial ones I've had!

So, what we need?

Fabrics, of course! Small fabric scraps won't be useful here, we need long fabric strips, as long as you want your fabric tape to be. I used quilting cottons and they worked very well. I guess if you use thicker fabrics will work well too, even better probably. 

We need double adhesive carpet tape, I know we aren't doing anything with carpet but that's the best I could find (I was skeptical at first but wow it worked better than I thought!). The key of this product, apart that it's double adhesive, is that it has a very good adhesion on irregular, porous & rough surfaces, and fabric fits well here! It was extremely cheap too, so win win!

Finally, we also need a cutting mat, a rotary cutter and a quilting ruler

OK, now let's start!

1. Unfold some adhesive tape over the cutting mat, sticky side facing up. 2. Carefully, extend the  fabric over the adhesive tape. Wrong side of the fabric must be facing the sticky side of the tape. Press well with your hands and remove any wrinkles. 3. Cut the adhesive tape from the roll. 4. Flip the fabric over and don't peel off the paper (yellow) of the other sticky side of the adhesive tape yet.

5-6. Remove excess fabric from both sides of the adhesive tape using a rotary cutter and a ruler. Work always on a cutting mat. 7. Your 2-Inch fabric tape is ready to use! 8. If you want your fabric tape to be thinner, you can cut it to the desired size. I cut it in half to get two strips of one Inch each (you may need to use your cutter on the strongest position and clean it a little bit after use it).

That's it! Your fabric tape is ready to use! You just need to peel off the paper and decorate whatever you want!

I tried mine in different surfaces and it works great! It really adheres strongly to the fabric while at the same time, the other side allows you to play with it (and you can even reuse it!). I was worried about the edges, but really there's no unraveling of the fabric!

You can find out there endless ideas of what to make with your fabric tape. Do whatever you want but have fun! :)




  1. What a great idea. Now I just need to think up some things to tape! Pinning :-).

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