Hi everyone! How is your week going so far?
Two weekends ago we spent three days in New York. It was my first time in the city and I was super excited about it! Our plane had delay because of the weather conditions but luckily we could get there safe! The picture above is how it looked from the plane...completely white!

That's how it looked the next morning at Times Square. It had been snowing the whole night. We didn't have snow boots and our feet were completely wet but we didn't care at all! The city was amazing! And even with that harsh weather, the city was full of life. 

Probably the most beautiful picture was that last one of Central Park. The entire park was covered in snow, it was so beautiful!

This week I've been editing pictures and preparing a photo book. I am really disorganized with photos and I have very few albums finished. The worst part is that I hate being that way! This time I am determined to finish the album as soon as possible (I don't want to have another unfinished one!).

I've decided I want to make a fabric cover for the photo book (maybe that pushes me to finish!).

While looking for fabrics online I've found the perfect line for this mini project...

The fabric line is called The big Apple (designed by Greta Lynn) and as the name indicates, it's inspired on New York. I didn't even know of the existence of this fabric line...but I am so happy I've found it! Now I just need to decide what design to choose...

Below you have my favorites!

The Big Apple designed by Greta Lynn for Kanvas in association of Benartex.
Which one would you choose? I am looking forward to share this mini project with you!

During my visit to New York I had the opportunity of visiting a very special shop. Sure many of you already know about it, but I think it worth a few words, specially for those who don't know it yet. 

I am talking about Purl Soho. I've been following their blog Purl Bee since some time now and I always dreamed about visiting their shop! 

They have a very well chosen selection of modern fabrics. But specially what caught my eye were their fabrics from Liberty of London..so beautiful!

They also had a huge variety of precut fabric. I would have bought the entire shop but I had just one day left to visit the city! I normally need a lot of time when I buy fabrics, specially when I like almost all I see. 

Luckily they have online shop! Today in their shop I've found a fabric bundle that I really WANT in my stash... 

Railroad and Chambray bundle from Robert Kaufman

Pretty right? I really love a quilt with a denim touch!

Have a great day!



  1. Beautiful pictures. I have only spent two days in NYC and didn't make it to Purl Soho. That stack of Robert Kaufman chambrays is fabulous!

  2. Oh, i love NYC so much! I've only been once and would go back in a heartbeat! Love the idea for your photo book and if it were me, i'd use the b/w skyscrapers on the outside and the map print for the lining of the book!

  3. That first picture is amazing. I love the last bundle of fabric. Wow. I totally want it !