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After three exiting weeks, the Connecting Threads fabric design contest is over! It has been really close to be one of the five finalists, but I am very happy with a sixth position! I want to thank all the people who have voted for my design Squawk, it has been amazing!
Unless I am not one of the finalists I am working hard to design the entire fabric collection and I hope to see my designs printed someday not too far!

*Update: I am a finalist of the Connecting Threads fabric design Contest! I explain the story in this post: Squawk! is back. To see the supporting prints I have submitted to the contest click here.

I came to Barcelona with two objectives: the first one was to enjoy with my family and friends and the second was to finish some sewing projects. I can confirm I've accomplished the first one! I can also confirm that I am still working on the second one! Designing fabrics is taking me some time from the sewing machine but I think I can deal with everything :)

For now I want to advance a few details of one of my quilts in progress. I designed the pattern for this quilt in California some months ago and I was looking forward to start it since!
Last week I went to my local fabric store with my mom and I found the perfect fabrics for this one! I knew exactly what I was looking for and there it was! I specially like the solid one, it will give a beautiful denim look to the quilt.

I decided to include the solid fabric to the quilt the same instant I saw it! So I made a few changes to my initial sketch. I decided to use the solid fabric for the triangles that initially had to be made using different pink fabrics. I think it looks great now! 
When I started thinking about designing my own quilting patterns I tried to use several programs like Electric quilt or Photoshop. But when I was in front of the computer ready to start designing, none great idea came to my mind! I solved this problem just buying some color pencils! :) It was much more easy, fun and intuitive! I am not saying that these programs aren't useful, I like to use them later once I have drawn the idea!

I have almost ready the quilt top and now comes quilting and binding! I am looking forward to show you the final result!

thanks for reading!! 

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