I’ve been pretty busy the last two weeks! I spent most of the time having everything ready to travel to Barcelona and also we had friends and family visiting us in California! So…my sewing machine was really alone! 
I finished my baggage the night before flying home and we had a lot of fun because it was the strangest baggage I’ve ever made! You can see on the picture above! I used my cabin trolley to take with me some of my fabrics (I really want to finish some projects this vacation), quilting books and all my pencils and pens for drawing! It was crazy but I think I cannot live without them!

I am really excited to spend some time with my family and friends! One of my favorite hobbies here is spending time sewing and doing other crafty with my mom! She has lots of new fabrics so I hope to finish lots of projects soon!
Also I am working on a fabric design I want to send to the Connecting Threads fabric design contest! The deadline is on August 10th, which means I have only 2 days left to finish it! I am looking forward to share it!

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  1. Good luck on the contest Ingrid! Glad you are home! I'm in Barcelona too so wee could meet some day ;)
    Una abra├žada guapa!