I started this beautiful quilt after the past Christmas holidays. I recall that when I started cutting the 2 ¾" ×2 ¾" fabric squares I didn't know all the steps needed to get a quilt done. I wasn't worried because I knew my mom would teach me everything as it was moving. I didn't want to feel overwhelmed about the end of the process because I just saw it so far!

I used a bunch of fabrics we had at home to make this quilt, some of them were very old and others were leftovers from the fabric necklaces my mom and I made last summer (I promise I will show some of them soon). Well…that isn't completely true; I couldn't resist buying some new fabrics, but just a few!
I carefully choose each fabric square, I wanted to create a perfect balance and I didn't want to sew anything without being completely sure. I decided the quilt’s center fabrics should be mostly light colors like pastel pink and blue, others with white background and also neutrals. Occasionally I put a brighter yellow, green or pink to break the uniformity. For the quilt’s ends I reserved the darker fabrics and it was also the place for the brightest colors like reds and oranges.

The quilt’s top is mostly hand sewn and my mom did the quilting part in her sewing machine. I choose for the quilt’s back a beautiful cream color fabric and for the binding one of my favorites, navy with white dots.
I am very proud of the result and this will always be my special one. Not just for being the first one but also because each piece of fabric on it recalls me other special moments. It is a great feeling to have all these fabrics together and watch them every single day!
Hope you like it! If you have a big stash of fabrics, and I am pretty sure that like good quilters it cannot be other way, this quilt is a simple and beautiful way to give them an opportunity!


  1. Què veu anar a fer fotos am l'Estel?? Que xulo!!

  2. sii! Vaig tenir una gran fotografa!

  3. Love how you used dark colors to frame out the lighter blocks. Wonderful looking quilt!