Today I am happy to share my first quilting pattern! I made these place mats some months ago when I was still in Barcelona, just before coming to California where now I am living with my boyfriend. I wanted them for the daily use and also to be decorative in the new apartment but I like them so much that I just use them in special occasions! My boyfriend sometimes jokes saying that these place mats are the untouchable ones! I know he is right…so I will make the effort of using them more often from now on!
I love playing with colors but this time I used just black and white because I wanted to create a modern and clean look. I love the way they turned on!

I’ve prepared a free printable PDF with the pattern and few directions to make these modern Day&night place mats! You will find the printable templates, the sizes for rotary cutter, the amount of fabric needed, and also the fabric and quilting diagrams. I personally think it’s perfect for beginners in part because it’s quite small (I never recommend start with a big quilt) but also the pattern is very simple, so you can make it in a quick and easy way!

This pattern is for personal use. Do not copy or sell it but feel free to share always linking this source: Thank you!

Hope you all enjoy them! 

Click here to download the free printable pattern

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